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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pretika Sonic Dermabrasion Facial Care System

• Combats premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles so you can enjoy healthier, younger looking skin
• Set includes facial brush, 2.5-oz. microdermabrasion scrub and 1-oz. hydrating firming complex
• Uses a sonic frequency to work with the natural elasticity of your skin to deeply, yet gently, cleanse
• Removes dead skin, unclogs pours, softens skin and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines
• 9Hx4Wx8D"

5 stars out of 5 review:
After using this for the first time, my face immediately felt cleaner and softer. I really love this product. I now use it in the morning with a little warm water, then at night with the exfoliating cream that comes with it. It works great! It's easy to use so it's a convenient addition to my existing routine. It really feels like it's exfoliating. I contemplated buying the more expense brand, but decided to give this a shot. I'm glad I didn't waste my money going with the more expensive brand, this less expensive option works really well.
_Happy Face! (Charlotte, NC)