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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hydra-Radiance Intensive Nutrient Night Serum

Hydra-Radiance Intensive Nutrient Night Serum

Wake up to visibly glowing skin.
Powerful glow-boosting vitamins & minerals. 3X level of fennel complex to help improve skin tone. Pro-Vitamins B5 & B6 help regulate and maintain healthy skin.

Featured in "Younger Now" as a nutritional face supplement that will reduce wrinkles and leave skin glowing. Health, September 2008

85% of women showed improvement in overall skin health in just 7 days. 1 fl. oz. Let's read some reviews:

September 19, 2008, 5 stars out of five
"I just got this product this week and the next morning I was surprised that I could see a difference. I didn't put a night cream over it I just use it alone and it doesn't make my skin sticky like I thought it would when it first came from the bottle. I do use Luminosity during the day and the combination of the two has make my skin beautiful. Another keeper."

September 18, 2008, 5 stars out of five
"Like the other reviewers, I love this serum!!! I'm 23 and have started a skin care regimen, and this is definitely a staple. I like to dot my face with this and the Nutura cream at nite, and the two have left me with noticeably better skin. I get compliments all the time that my skin looks airbrushed-but I don't even use foundation! It's given me better tone, smoother skin, and a such glow. It's so great! Definitely try it. A side note-the first time I used it by itself, it made my face tingle, so that's why I have to mix it with another cream, sometimes the HydraRadiance Night Cream."

August 16, 2008, 5 stars out of five
"I purchased this to use (in addition to my nite cream) when my skin feels a little drier and/or when it's looking dull & lackluster. I have noticed an improvement in skin tone, greater radiance, and just a tremendous improvement in the health of my skin. At first I thought it was sticky, but I realized I had not smoothed it in enough. Now when I put it on it, it leaves my skin silky and smooth, and ready to accept my nite cream. I have even used it under my day cream if I feel I need a little boost in the morning. It's definitely a nice product-one I do not want to do without."

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