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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bliss 'peri' godmothers set

bliss 'peri' godmothers set

Bliss Exclusive The newest and most impressive periorbital and perioral (that's 'round the eye and 'round the mouth) achievements were developed strictly and solely for-we're not too shallow to admit it-the sake of appearances. So stop crying in that harshly-lit mirror and do something. Includes the Bliss Spiff Upper Lip and the Bliss Wrinkle Twinkle. $84 (à la carte $90)

About bliss spiff upper lip: Introducing spiff upper lip™, the only product engineered to address all of the physical factors that exemplify upper lip aging: vertical lip lines, man-worthy moustache hair, that sinister shadowy below-the-nose pigmentation and the slow, subtle, awful loss of collagen that leaves your previously pouty lips limping along. Formulated with a powerful retinol 'patch', GABA, and the most advanced pigment brightening complex we've ever come across.
As seen in Allure, Complete Woman

About bliss wrinkle twinkle: Introducing wrinkle twinkle™: The fastest-acting lasting-effect line-filling wrinkle reducer ever formulated. First, it visually refills your wrinkles. Then it relaxes and regenerates them. Over a couple months, it should do measurable damage to your dark undereye circles. Guaranteed to work some serious wonders, with a powerful complex of the most potent muscle-relaxers, the latest regenerators and the newest 'dewers'.
As seen in: Harper's Bazaar, Lucky