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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Product of the day: ALL-SOY PLUS

Now it's easier to get your soy for a healthy heart!

All-Soy Plus is far and away the easiest, most efficient way to get the benefits of soy into your diet. Reformulated with Novasoy, All-Soy Plus offers a superior form of isoflavones, the phytonutrients in soy shown to play a significant role in heart and bone health. Soy has also been found to be beneficial in helping with symptoms of menopause.

Plus, you get a full 75 mg. of isoflavones (equivalent to about two-and-a-half servings of soy) in just one capsule. 60 capsules, 60 day supply.Our products are a perfect natural approach to help relieve symptoms of menopause for women who are reluctant to start or stay on HRT. As We Change makes no claims on health issues like breast cancer, heart disease, bone loss and others. Please see your clinician for medical advice. Sate-of-the-art Novasoy delivers standardized quanities of concentrated soy isoflavones (gentle plant estrogens), the same ratio that Mother Nature gave soy foods.