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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The No. 1 Reason Women Look Old

Wrinkles, furrows, lines and gray hair are not the only cues that tell others we're aging. You may not realize it, but facial skin color distribution--or skin tone--can add 10 to 12 years to a woman's perceived age, according to researchers from the University of Göttingen in Germany. The No. 1 cause of uneven skin tone? Tanning.

Using 3D imaging and morphing software, the researchers removed potential age-defining features, such as wrinkles, lines and facial furrows, from the photographs of various women. That meant the only variable left was skin tone. These photos were then viewed by 430 observers who were asked to estimate each model's age and gauge her health and attractiveness.

The results? Faces with more even skin tone and luminosity were judged to be younger, as well as more attractive and healthy. The models with uneven, blotchy skin tone were judged to be significantly older.

"Whether a woman is 17 or 70, the contrast of skin tone plays a significant role in the way her age, beauty and health are perceived," says study co-author Dr. Bernhard Fink. "An even skin tone can give visual clues about a person's health and reproductive capability, so it is considered most desirable."

Skin tone variances can be caused by three primary factors:

    1. UV damage from the sun: freckles, moles and age spots
    2. Natural aging: yellowness and dullness
    3. Skin vascularization: redness
The takeaway? If you're a sun worshipper, pay attention! "We found that cumulative UV damage from too much sun dramatically influences skin tone, giving women yet another reason to prevent future UV-related skin damage or try to correct past sun damage."

The study findings were published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.
--From the Editors at Netscape

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Introducing the youth as we know it, an extraordinary age-fighting skincare regimen.

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Meet the newest and youngest (pun intended) additions to Bliss skincare family:

Bliss The Youth As We Know It An Extraordinary Anti-Aging Cleanser
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what makes it extraordinary?

* debris dissolvers remove the last traces of makeup and dirt to give you gently cleansed (but never stripped) skin
* advanced moisture binders slow transepidermal water loss (skin moisture lost by evaporation into the atmosphere) while binding water to skin for continuous hydration Stays put even after rinsing!
* brightening multi-fruit complex increases cell renewal, encourages collagen production, and boosts skin elasticity and hydration

Bliss The Youth As We Know It An Extraordinary Anti-Aging Concentrate
a cocktail of encapsulated moisturizing actives (the same actives used in the youth facial) is coupled with a moisture-binding complex to provide the skin with long-lasting hydration

what makes it extraordinary?

* pearl illuminators known to provide skin-firming properties with amino acids, calcium, and a cocktail of minerals essential for hydrolipidic barrier function
* hydroplex 3 encapsulators promote long-lasting water retention and skin regeneration, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles via hydration
* marine-sourced skin renewers increase rate of cell renewal without irritation, promote overall clarity and brightness

Bliss The Youth As We Know It An Extraordinary Anti-Aging Toner
a light liquid to enhancing the absorbability of any actives applied to the skin immediately after

what makes it extraordinary?

* pH rebalancers prep the skin for maximum absorption of treatment products and moisturizers, since water leaves naturally 'acidic' skin with a less than ideal ('basic') pH level
* advanced moisture binders slow transepidermal water loss (skin moisture lost by evaporation into the atmosphere) while binding water to skin for continuous hydration

Bliss The Youth As We Know It An Extraordinary Anti-Aging Eye Cream
the 10 most important ingredients we?ve found for eyes in one incredibly effective anti-aging eye cream.

what makes it extraordinary?

* dark circle drainers reinforce the firmness and tone of the eye area
* collagen and elastin protectors maintain skin firmness, strength and suppleness
* anti-crows feet peptides help restore the dermal matrix to improve elasticity and tone
* eye brightening boosters help and stimulate metabolic activity to increase cellular oxygenation
* advanced moisture binders bind water to skin for continuous hydration
* 7 day hydrators for improved hydration lasting up to seven days after each use
* skin protecting ceramides help improve skin?s ability to naturally heal and restore
* wrinkle appearance smoothers help fight fine lines
* brightening multi-fruit complex boosts skin elasticity and hydration
* skin refining vitamin A improves skin texture and firmness without irritation

There's more!

Bliss The Youth As We Know It An Extraordinary Anti-Aging Moisture Cream
the cadillac of face creams, formulated with the 10 most effective anti-aging ingredients for the face

what makes it extraordinary?

* MMP Inhibitors: improves skin firmness, strength, suppleness and tone
* Wrinkle Reduction Peptides: improves elasticity and diminishes appearance of wrinkles
* Visual Facial Fillers: volumizes hollow areas and restores facial volume loss
* Cellular Respiration Boosters: diminishes redness and gives skin a vital glow
* Hyperdermal Destressors: provides outstanding hydration for younger looking skin
* 7 Day Hydrators: long lasting hydration ? up to 7 days after each application
* Barrier Repairing Ceramides: improves skin?s ability to heal and repair
* Wrinkle Relaxers: smoother looking face with fewer visible lines and wrinkles
* Multifruit Complex: increases elasticity, clarity and hydration
* Active Vitamin A: improves skin texture and tone