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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wear your workout wherever you go™

AsWeChange Body Togs Arm
Incorporating even a small amount of weight into your daily routine or workout can have huge benefits: Adding as little as 4 pounds of weight can increase your metabolism, burn up to 70% more calories, build more lean muscle, and improve bone density--all without having to spend more time working out!

With BodyTogs on your arms, you’ll burn more calories! Developed by a board-certified physician, BodyTogs are nylon/spandex Velcro adjustable "sleeves" with small, evenly distributed, galvanized steel weights sewn right into them. Designed to be worn with, or under, most any kind of clothing, they help create an easy, healthy workout out of whatever you’re doing, even if it’s just lifting a cup of coffee! Wearing them 10 hours a day is equal to a 2-mile run.

Wear them on your forearms to trim, tone, and shape your body like never before. Virtually invisible under clothing. Amount of weight varies with each size offered and type of sleeve (see size/weight chart below). To determine size, measure around widest part of arm between elbow and wrist. Hand wash. Imported. Black.