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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The most effective cellulite treatments

AsWeChange Anti-cellulite Insoles
Fight cellulite with most any shoe!

Forget special shoes priced over $200. These anti-cellulite insoles convert your everyday shoes or sneakers into a dynamic workout tool! SmartSole insoles optimize your foot motion sequence to instantly transform your normal walking gait into a cellulite-fighting mechanism, increasing circulation, toning muscles, and improving posture. Also diminishes spider and varicose veins, strengthens joints, and reduces lower back pain. Wear them anytime, all the time. It couldnt be easier. Shoe sizes S(5 1/2-8), M(8 1/2-11). Hand wash. Imported.

AsWeChange Oligo Dx Cellulite Reducing Gel
Reduce the appearance of cellulite in 2 weeks!

Unlike most anti-cellulite creams, this one delivers on its promise! Using state of the art nanosome technology, the cutting-edge ingredients of fast-absorbing, concentrated Oligo.DX gel penetrate deep below the skin’s surface, where fat accumulates, to give you smoother, less dimpled thighs and buttocks without massage. Cellulite begins to melt away in 1 to 2 weeks! For best results, use daily for 60 days, then maintain results with three 30-day treatments per year. Contains centella asiatica, caffeine, ivy, marine algae. Fresh, pleasant scent. 5.3 oz.

Robanda Robanda Cellulite Control Cream
Restore a firm, smooth look

Cellulite Control Cream helps restore skins natural firmness and take away that "orange peel look. The use of caffeine promotes the elimination of fatty deposits, while smoothing out the skins spongy appearance, yet does not enter into the bloodstream or cause jitters. Vitamins A and E reinforce the skins collagen fibers keeping it smooth and supple.

Advanced Retinol A replenishes moisture enhancing cell renewal. Use as directed for 46 weeks to see results. Suitable for all skin types. 6 fl. oz.

AsWeChange Solidea Anti-cellulite Shorts
Wear 'em when you're most active

Clinically proven to tone tissue and decrease fluid retention, these SOLIDEA knee length compression shorts of patented, high-tech 3D wave fabric stimulate circulation during natural body movements to smooth the "orange peel look of cellulite.

Totally hygienic with a cotton gusset and silver ions in the soft, breathable fabric, they can be worn as an undergarment all day long. Smoother, slimmer results can be seen in as few as 2 weeks, significantly after 8 weeks. The more you wear them, the better and quicker the effects will be.