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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Still Have It, I Just Can't Remember Where I Put It

I bought a new wrinkle cream.
If you use it once a day, you look younger in a month.
Twice a day, you look younger in two weeks.
I ate it.

As the years go by, and the decades begin to pile up, people will do just about anything to reverse the signs of aging: LASIK surgery, industrial-strength hair dye, seven consecutive forty-ninth birthday parties. Rita Rudner is no exception. When she turned fifty, she couldn’t even bear to say the word.

In I Still Have It . . . I Just Can’t Remember Where I Put It, Rudner writes with humor and candor about all of the small indignities and everyday absurdities that have become standard fare. From the perils of catalog-ordering addiction to the challenges of keeping up with the latest in electronics, lingerie, and reality television to the joys and worries of being an older mother to the long search for the perfect retirement house, Rita covers it all.

So put on your bifocals and power up your sense of humor! Just don’t blame Rita when your laugh lines get visibly deeper. Refreshingly honest and undeniably hilarious, I Still Have It . . . I Just Can’t Remember Where I Put It is a laugh-out-loud look at the wonders and the surprises of life on the dark side of fifty.

Audrey Snowden - Library Journal:
Although this title purports to be about aging, it contains witty pieces on a number of other subjects. Rudner's (Naked Beneath My Clothes) trademark delivery in her role as stand-up comedian translates well into print; she genially targets herself in such chapters as "Superficial Nightmares of the Overprivileged Woman." Though the book is sure to invite comparisons to Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck, there are differences. Ephron is a proud New Yorker, for instance, while Rudner moved to Las Vegas to headline her own show; Ephron's title contains essays, while Rudner's offers short, snappy vignettes and one-liners. This is not to say that Rudner's book is superficial; on the contrary, it has moments of surprisingly sentimental (though not maudlin) candor. This June, PBS will be broadcasting Rudner's 2000th Las Vegas show-the network's first-ever airing of a stand-up comedy special. This book comes out just in time to be snapped up by both old and new fans, making it an excellent choice for public collections.


RITA RUDNER is a celebrated and award-winning comedian, actress, screenwriter, and author. Her past books include the bestselling Naked Beneath My Clothes and the novels Tickled Pink and Turning the Tables. She currently performs exclusively in Las Vegas.

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