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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The House to Ourselves: Reinventing Home Once the Kids are Grown


When the kids leave the nest, many couples are suddenly free of many of the constraints that tied them to a particular house or neighborhood. It's a time of new opportunities, an exciting time to rethink the very concept of home to suit changing needs and interests. The House to Ourselves takes you on a tour of 20 homes designed for this joyous and liberating phase in life, when couples can have the home they've always dreamed of. These homes reflect the many opportunities available for empty-nesters, whether renovating an existing home, staying in a beloved neighborhood but building a new house, or creating a new home in an entirely new community.

Todd Lawson's architecture and design firm specializes in custom residential and commercial projects. He has won several awards for his built and theoretical work. He lives in Seattle.
Tom Connor has written about architecture and home design for the New York Times magazine, the Los Angeles Times magazine, Home, House & Garden, and House Beautiful. He is the author of Suburban Renewal: Transforming Standard Capes, Ranches, and Builders' Colonials into Classic Homes and is a frequent contributor to Town & Country magazine. He lives in Southport, Connecticut, with his wife and son.

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