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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eat this and you won't gain weight

Women who eat whole grains and shun highly-processed refined grains gain less weight as they age, according to a 12-year Harvard University study of 74,000 middle-aged women who were between the ages of 38 and 63 when the research began, reports Reuters.

Those with the highest fiber intake, especially from such foods as oatmeal and whole-grain breakfast cereals, were half as likely as those with the lowest intake to become obese over the 12-year study period. But the women whose diets were heavily laden with refined grains, such as pasta and white bread, gained more weight over time. The results included the effects of alcohol intake and exercise.

The big takeaway from this study is that not all carbohydrates are alike, study leader Simin Liu explained to Reuters. Carbs containing whole grains are much more filling than highly-processed carbohydrate products, so people who choose brown rice over white rice or oatmeal over a doughnut are more likely to eat less--and gain less weight in the process. In addition, whole grains create a slow, sustained release of sugar into the blood, unlike starchy grains that trigger a rapid increase in blood sugar. This slower release is thought to be beneficial for metabolism and fat storage.

Liu explained to Reuters that whole grains contain enzyme inhibitors that may get in the way of metabolic efficiency. That means the body is forced to burn extra calories just to digest and absorb whole-grain foods.

Here's the tough part: Most of the grain products Americans eat are highly processed, low in fiber, and packed with calories. That means we have to learn how to distinguish fiber-containing whole grains from refined ones.

The study findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
source: Netscape.com

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The Seven Whole Grain Company Story
In 1984, our mission to help people enjoy more healthy foods was sparked by our passion for whole grain nutrition. After mixing grains and seeds for months in our hometown of La Jolla, California, we chose our unique blend of Kashi Seven Whole Grains & Sesame® for its supreme nutritional profile-a complete plant protein with energy sustaining complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Our heritage blend started out as Kashi Pilaf, but continues to inspire nearly every food we make.

Whole Grains for Health
Whole grains are truly one of nature's premier superfoods. Sure, they're know for their fiber content, but they're also packed with hundreds of beneficial phytochemicals, selenium and vitamin E.Eating more whole grains is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, a healthier body mass index, more hunger satisfaction and better blood sugar control; all important to maintaining a healthy weight and feeling great.
Whole grains also provide a variety of colors, textures, shapes and flavors, which adds up to pure eating enjoyment-something we believe is equally important to great health.
But how much is enough? Experts recommend 3 or more servings of whole grains per day. Beginning your day with Kashi cereal is an excellent start.

Like a haiku, our 7 grain cereals appear simple at first impression. Upon deeper reflection, you'll find rich content and diverse ingredients warmed by our hearts and souls.

Kashi Seven Whole Grains & Sesame

Buckwheat ~ Hearty in flavor and a good source of fiber, buckwheat is actually a seed-like fruit, closely related to rhubarb.
Tritacale ~ A natural cross between durum wheat and rye, this unique grain is higher in protein and more robust than its parents.
Rye ~ A staple grain made popular in medieval times, rye was chosen for its distinct flavor when combined with other whole grains.
Hard Red Winter Wheat ~ A hardy winter crop, this wheat berry is naturally higher in protein and gluten than traditional durum wheat.
Barley ~ Sweet and nutty in flavor, barley was considered "strength" food among early gladiators and is also a terrific source of soluble fiber.
Oats ~ Prized for their cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, oats provide a natural sweetness all their own.
Long Grain Brown Rice ~ Delicate in flavor, brown rice has five times the fiber of white rice and is intimately involved in food culture throughout the world.
Sesame Seeds ~ Once credited with mystic powers ("Open, sesame!"), sesame seeds were the key to forming a complete protein in our Seven Whole Grains & Sesame blend and impart their distinct essence to our foods.

We Love Whole Grains!
As does the Whole Grains Council, an organization dedicated to spreading the benefits of whole grain nutrition.

Diabetic Exchange: 1 Carbohydrates
Kosher Certification: OU