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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A bizarre new reason we get wrinkles

It's a dichotomy. Staying hydrated with plenty of water is good for your skin, but if you're sipping or guzzling that water from a bottle with a sport top, straw top or nozzle all day, every day, you'll get fine wrinkles--often called "smoker's lips"--around your mouth.

Washington, D.C. dermatologist Dr. Marilyn Berzin told 9News in Denver, Colorado that regularly drinking bottled water has the same wrinkle effect as smoking three packs of cigarettes a day! She says she sees it all the time in her office. Women come in puzzled as to why they have these "smoker's lips" when they've never smoked even a single cigarette in their lives. "When you're drinking from a water bottle, you're pretty much making the same face as you are when you're smoking a cigarette," said told 9News. Over time, this creates permanent lines and wrinkles.

Berzin says it only takes about two years of regularly drinking from a water bottle to get those wrinkles. And you don't have to be older. She has patients in their 30s with water bottle-induced mouth wrinkles.

What can you do? Either use a wide-mouth bottle or cup so the upper lip stays relaxed while drinking or get a cosmetic treatment to fix the problem.
source: Netscape.com

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