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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Coffeeberry: The Supreme Antioxidant

As Self magazine reports, next-generation antioxidant facial creams will all be made with CoffeeBerry, a fruit that absorbs about 50 percent more free radicals than green tea.

Recent scientific discoveries about the benefits of healthy coffee compounds have explained the wisdom in native peoples' use of the whole coffee fruit. CoffeeBerry is exceptionally rich in the antioxidants called phenolic acids. It also contains other nutrients that have benefits scientists are just beginning to study and understand.

CoffeeBerry is so exceptionally rich in antioxidants because it grows in high altitude, low-latitude regions where the sun’s rays are strongest. As the plants mature, they develop these powerful antioxidants to protect them from damage caused by high doses of the sun’s radiation and the natural byproducts of photosynthesis.
REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Skin Care Kit

REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Skin Care Kit
Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner
Category: Breakthroughs

REVALESKIN is the first and only professional line of anti-aging skin care products exclusively formulated with the powerful, natural antioxidant ingredient CoffeeBerry.

REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry is a simple three-step system. All three steps are included in this kit, along with a FREE REVALESKIN Cosmetic Bag (A $36.00 Value).

* Step 1: REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Facial Cleanser
Daily use of the REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Facial Cleanser is an essential part of a comprehensive skin care regimen for refined, healthy skin. Use two to three pumps of the cleanser, work into face and rinse completely. Follow with appropriate REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry moisturizer.

* Step 2: REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Day Cream
The natural antioxidant extracts in REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Day Cream gently smooth and rejuvenate your skin. After using REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Facial Cleanser in the morning, apply REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Day Cream evenly to your face and neck. When used as a sunscreen, apply before sun exposure and as needed.

* Step 3: REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Night Cream
This clinically proven CoffeeBerry Night Cream is formulated with natural antioxidant extracts to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin throughout the night. After washing your face with REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Facial Cleanser in the evening, completely pat your face dry and apply REVALESKIN CoffeeBerry Night Cream generously, thoroughly and evenly to the face and neck.

New Chapter The Supreme Antioxidant Coffeeberry Whole Fruit Concentrate Dietary Supplementicon
Provides the extraordinary antioxidant defense of more than 5 servings of antioxidant-rich fruits

Beyond the Bean: The Whole Coffee Fruit. Like many fruits, the coffee fruit is designed to nourish and protect its seed. The coffee bean is not the whole coffee fruit, no more than a peach pit is the peach. People who like in the coffee growing regions of the tropics know this, and have traditionally benefited from the powerful antioxidants in the whole coffee fruit. The rest of us, until now, have had to make do with just drinking the roasted roasted coffee seeds. It's time to experience the complete antioxidant richness of this miraculous fruit! To appreciate the unique antioxidant power of CoffeeBerry Whole Fruit Concentrate, with an Orac (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) init value of 1500, we've compared it with other antioxidant fruits.

CoffeeBerry is abundant in polyphones that:

* help preserve natural antioxidants in the body
* protect cell membranes and human plasma against damaging oxidation
* neutralize toxic free radicals
* help maintain healthy blood glucose levels

CoffeeBerry contains five of eight rare and essential sugars called monosaccharides. Research indicates these glyconutrients are essential for the various complex biological systems to interact and function properly to prevent free-radical damage and to imitate cellular repair.

Polysaccharides such as mannans and arabinogalactans, make up almost half the dry weight of CoffeeBerry. Conventional roasting destroys these nutrients, so they're not found in traditional brewed coffee.

And for those of you who don't like the jolt of coffee, the great news is that New Chapter's CoffeeBerry Whole Coffee Fruit Concentrate contains less than 1% caffeine, which means that a daily serving contains no more caffeine than one-tenth of a cup of tea.

Take one Vcap daily

Modified Cellulose Capsule