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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Surprise! What Men Discuss In Private

Ladies, you may not believe this, but we have it on good authority--that would be the Cox News Service--that when men get together in private they talk about...dieting.

More men than ever are trying to lose weight, and as anyone who has ever done this knows, support from friends is essential. So men are doing what women have done for eons: They talk about dieting. This is groundbreaking. Men don't usually talk about such things. "I'm hearing lots more workplace talk from men. They're excited and they chatter like women used to chatter," Austin, Texas nutritionist said Alexa Sparkman explained to Cox News.

Why is this happening? As men's waistlines expand, they may be more likely to notice if a friend or co-worker seems to have "suddenly" slimmed down. While your dad or grandpa probably won't be this bold, Generation X and Y men are more inclined to ask their buddies how they lost the weight. Cox News calls it a "harbinger in the evolution of the male human." The news service quips, "Next thing you know, we'll be going to the bathroom in pairs and describing shopping trips to the Home Depot as 'therapeutic.'"

One of the men who is turning other guys' heads, so to speak, is John Martin of suburban Houston. He lost 80 pounds on the South Beach diet. He admits other men have noticed. His standard joking retort: "I just tell them I'm smoking a lot of crack." Martin wonders if men are getting old. Or boring. Or both. "We seem to be talking about (diets) a little more," he confessed to Cox. "When we get together now, that tends to be one of the topics."

Even men who make jokes about illegal drugs when complimented on their new, slimmed down look say the positive comments are great to hear. The real weight loss success stories aren't about dieting, after all. They're about lifestyle changes. Losing 80 pounds is more than just skipping the beer and pretzels. It's changing the way you live, and who wouldn't want to talk about that?
source: Netscape.com

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