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Monday, March 10, 2008

Men: drink this and cut cancer risk in half

Men, it's time to switch to green tea! Research from Japan's health ministry concludes that drinking five or more cups of green tea daily could halve the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer, reports Agence France Presse.

The incidence of prostate cancer is far lower in Asian populations than it is in Western societies, which prompted the researchers to theorize it may be due to the high consumption of green tea in Asia where it is a dietary staple. The team surveyed 49,920 men ages 40 to 69 across Japan in 1990 and 1993 with a follow-up in 2004. During this period, 404 men were newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. Of these, 114 were advanced cases, 271 were localized and 19 were of an undetermined stage. They found that men who drank five or more cups of green tea daily had a 50 percent lower risk of developing advanced prostate cancer, compared with men who drank only one cup. The tea had no impact on localized prostate cancer.

The magic ingredient in green tea is a substance called catechin, which may reduce the prostate cancer risk by curbing levels of testosterone, a male hormone that is thought to be a risk factor for the disease. The findings were published in the online version of the American Journal of Epidemiology.
source: Netscape.com

Timothy`s Chinese Green Tea K-Cups 100 count
Timothy`s Chinese Green Tea K-Cups 100 count
Since ancient times, many medicinal benefits have been attributed to green tea. Green tea is less processed than other teas and most of the original plant substances remain, including chlorophyll. This gives green tea its color. Timothy’s Green tea has a dark golden color with a roasted flavor. It is fantastic to drink with meals, and it complements most meats and vegetables. A healthy choice to drink everyday. Timothy’s best selling tea. From CoffeeforLess

Tazo Tea Om Organic Green Tea Blend
Organic green teas and a hint of black teas from Darjeeling imbued with the spirit and taste of the high Himalayas.
Organic Tazo Om is made with the unusual combination of the nutty, flowery notes of Darjeeling Green teas with a hint of Darjeeling black teas, blended with the fresh flavor of cucumber and a touch of peach. This delightfully different green tea may change the way you view green tea forever.
Tazo\ta' -zo\n.[It, tazisto modif. of Ba, tazor] (ca. 4786 B.C.) 14: an unusual climatic condition during which both sun and rain fill the sky simultaneously < Shu Jin danced in the field as a sudden spring Tazo passed overhead >.
At various times throughout history, Tazo has emerged among the more advanced cultures of the day as a solution to the angst of daily life. In parts of Nepal, the arrival of the tea shaman with a season's supply of Tazo was greeted by a festival of dancing that lasted seven days and six nights, giving rise to contemporary vacation packages.
Directions: How to Make a Great Cup of Tea.
Organic Tazo Om can be prepared as a hot or iced tea.
For each reflective cup of hot tea, use one bag. Bring freshly drawn cold filtered water to a boil and pour into cup over filterbag. Allow to steep for three to four minutes. Gently squeeze bag and remove.
As an iced tea, Om is an uplifting departure from traditional iced tea. To prepare, place two bags in an eight ounce container and steep as above. Remove bags and pour hot tea into a tall glass filled with ice.
From Drugstore.com

Green Sampler
Green Sampler
A wonderful introduction to the wide range of green teas, including: green pekoe - light daily brew from China hojicha - charcoal-roasted tea from Japan citron green - green tea with lemon & lime sencha - smooth everyday tea from Japan gunpowder - smoky tea from coastal China. From Adagio Teas

Pappy's Green Tea - 6/12 oz Pappy's Green Tea: GR
Pappy's Green Tea - 6/12 oz Pappy's Green Tea: GR
Filtered water, All Natural extracts of green tea, potassium sorbate as preservative. From Kalyx

500 mg - 125 mg of EGCG.
Vegetarian CAPSULESEGCG supports metabolism.
As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily.
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