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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kissing Tips Every Man Should Know

Kissing can be a huge turn on or a relationship train wreck. These basic kissing tips can get you and your date off to a smooth start.

Fresh Breath
Having fresh breath is a deal breaker. Brush your teeth before a date and carry mints.
Gum can be a bad idea if you do not have much experience. If you are having a mint, offer your date one too. That way you'll both be covered.

Keep your lips as soft and moist as possible. Check that your chapstick flavor is enjoyable. Steer clear of medicated chapsticks. If you do not like the taste when you lick your lips, chances are your date will not like it either. Moist lips are extremely kissable!

Keep Your Eyes Closed
It is actually good to keep your eyes open as you go in for a kiss, but once you are positioned right close them. Keeping your eyes open while kissing may seem like a good idea, like you are staring deeply and romantically into each others eyes. In all actuality it can seem like a staring contest and a bit scary. Close your eyes and focus on your kissing and your date's responces.

Soft and Sweet
The first kiss should be soft and sweet, but not like the peck you give your grandma.
Part your lips slightly and put them over the top or bottom lip of your date. Concentrate your kisses on one of the lips i.e. do not kiss the top lip and then the bottom and then the top. After several kissing sessions you may change things up a bit, but stick to the basics first.

Light touches can also enhance the kiss and stimulate your partner. Moving hands along the back, up or down the arm, and through each others hair can add additional pleasure. Do not be rough and aggressive on the first kiss. Pay attention to your date and their reaction. That way you can see what they enjoy, dislike and what their comfort level is.

Just a Little Tongue
Once you get comfortable kissing each other you can add a little tongue action. The keyword here is little. No one likes getting a tongue down their throat. While lips are parted slightly your tongue can move into your dates mouth. Going in barely past their teeth, you will be able to touch tongues during a kiss.

With these easy kissing tips you should be set to lock lips with your date. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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