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Friday, March 21, 2008

Focus on hair removal


Our Price: $99.95

Emjoi Optima
The world's most considerate hair removal system just got better.
The Emjoi® Optima is a groundbreaking hair remover that is fast, comfortable, effective and long lasting. The Emjoi® Optima uses a revolutionary tweezer disc system, with dual opposed heads.

  • Contoured design helps keep the skin taut
  • Pulling and discomfort is minimized
  • Removes even the finest hair from the root
  • Long-lasting results - re-growth of hair is slower and finer
  • Double active surface means hair removal that is twice as fast
  • Soft touch grip-designed for ultimate comfort and control
  • Includes a dual function, foil shaver with built in long-hair trimmer
  • Compact size and travel case makes it a great travel companion
Can be used anywhere on the legs, arms and bikini line.
The dual function shaver attachment is great for underarms and sensitive areas.
The Emjoi® Optima feels better, works better and gives you better results.

Corded operation operation only 110 V A/C. North American
Please order the adapter if you are located outside North America

Our Price: $59.95

Emjoi Gently Gold Caress Corded
The Gently Gold Caress Corded is an electrically operated hair remover that effectively removes hair from the roots for smoothness that lasts for 4-6 weeks. It has 36 tweezer discs that remove hair quickly and comfortably from the legs, bikini line, underarms and individual facial hairs.
Corded operation.

If outside of North America please order the Adapter.

Voted best hair remover by Test Magazine in Germany.

Our Price: $69.95

Emjoi Beauty Forever
The Emjoi Beauty Forever, a leader in non-invasive alternatives to electrolysis, has been improved to give the user better handling and superior results. It still uses Radio Frequency technology to damage the root of the hair but a new computer circuitry board has been added to increase effectiveness.
The Emjoi Beauty Forever has two interchangeable heads with a standard tweezer for single hairs and a brand new coil tweezer that has been improved to grasp multiple fine hairs more precisely. The handle has been ergonomically re-designed and the button has been changed to make the handle more comfortable to hold and much easier to grasp hairs.

Corded operation operation only 110 V A/C. North American.
Please order the adapter if you are located outside North America.

Our Price: $57.40

Kalo Post Epilating Spray 4 oz/120 ml
This product is ideal for treating larger areas like legs or the back. Kalo will prevent about 10% of the hair from growing back when used after the hair has been removed by the root. It will slow hair growth down when used after shaving.

Buy More and Save
3-4 BottlesLess 10%
5-9 BottlesLess 15%
10+ BottlesLess 25%

Retail Price: $64.95

Our Price: $59.95

Epilady Legend – Rechargeable Epilator
The Legend is the ultimate rechargeable epilator for perfect hair removal experience.

  • Our fastest, most powerful epilator.
  • New, wide epilating head allows for faster epilation at virtually any angle.
  • 40 tweezer discs on each head allowing for faster and more efficient hair removal.
  • Removes even the finest hairs from the face, legs, underarms, and bikini area for up to 6 weeks.
  • Ergonomically designed, including rubber touch at gripping points, to ensure a firm and non-slip hold for ultimate comfort and control.
  • Fully rechargeable for cordless convenience
  • Includes deluxe carrying case, cleaning brush and power cord.

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