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Thursday, March 6, 2008

About VisiVite, Nutritional Supplements for Eye Health

Are you 65 years or older? You need VisiVite, vitamins for your eyes.

VisiVite is a range of exceptional eye vitamins manufactured by Vitamin Science, a company founded in 2001 by a panel of New York ophthalmic surgeons. These vitamin supplements help fight against eye diseases which are prevalent in a majority of those over 65 years.

How does VisiVite work?
Macular Degeneration treatment was evaluated in the Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS), a major study sponsored by the National Eye Institute, one of the Federal government’s National Institutes of Health, and conducted at 11 major medical center research facilities around the country. In that study, ingredients that are identical to those in VisiVite Original Formula were found to slow the progression of macular degeneration in those patients with intermediate or advanced disease. It is believed that the anti-oxidants and Zinc promote the continued health of the retina and tissues surrounding the retina. Buy Vitamin Supplements that benefit Macular Degeneration and take advantage of this offer: Get a FREE 3-month supply of multivitamins when you purchase VisiVite Gold Formula for the treatment of macular degeneration.

Among their products they also have Dry Eye Relief, an oral gel cap that improves the health of the tears for true, long-lasting comfort. SAVE $29.95 - BUY 1, GET 1 FREE.

They ship their products to the United States, Australia, U.K., China, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and Switzerland.