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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Site of the day: As We Change

As We Change

As We Change is a company with a passion for attending to the health, wellness, and beauty needs of women ages 40+. To help the active woman stay young and vibrant, we have a number of categories to help women achieve the lifestyle they deserve

First there's apparel, which has a special twist to it. Instead of just giving you good looking clothes, we have clothes that make you look good, period. Advanced slimming technology tucks the tummy in, pushes the breasts up, and shapes the hips and waist so you look like you've been going to the gym regularly six months longer than you really have.

Next, there's the personal care side, which has a remarkable amount of variety to it. Everything from lip plumpers to cellulite control, hair removal, and skin tone creams. You could have a terrible burn or aging spot all over your arm, and we have a cream that will let you enjoy your date or party without anyone noticing a thing. For every body part that has a wrinkle, we have a solution to minimize it.

Comfort is the key with all of this, as what is the use of looking good if you don't feel good as well? Far from feeling restricted, women who wear the slimming outfits feel very liberated and comfortable. Additionally, women can have the coziest experience in any footwear buy using one of our many gel cushions with their shoes which have worn out their comfort. Once the shoes are off and one needs to heal their feet, we have pampering gel moisturizing booties and foot creams, warm and cool.

While the clothes and creams are changing you on the outside, we have uniquely formulated supplements to transform you on the inside. Our formulas give you more energy, more libido, and give vital immune system boosting nutrients. Women over age forty have unique needs, and with this in mind, we offer a spectrum of supplements to ease the transitioning into the menopausal years. For women who have reached a later point in their life, we have bladder control help.

Along with supplements to help with sexual health, we have several different sizes and shapes of kegel exercisers, to help women improve their own sexual gratification, as well as that of their partners.

Overall, the options are limitless with what the woman over forty can do with As We Change.