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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Product of the day: Dermacare ® Eye Contour Treatment

Dermacare ® Eye Contour Treatment with Emu Oil and Green Tea

Vanish expression lines and puffiness from your eyes! This rich formula will help the delicate skin around your eyes to stay fresh and young looking for many years to come.

This exclusive formula contains a high concentrate of 100% pure emu oil to deeply nourish and regenerate this delicate skin, thanks to its high content of fatty acids. Emu oil also has extremely effective moisturizing and emollient agents that keep the skin surrounding your eyes balanced and smooth, for a brighter and youthful appearance.

This cream is further enriched with extract of Green Tea that has natural decongestant and antioxidant, age-fighting properties. It neutralizes free radicals, responsible of 90% of cell damages that increase the aging and degenerative of the skin tissue.

Directions: To optimize results, apply this product mornings and evenings to the skin surrounding your eyes, after washing and make-up removing. Use a small amount with soft, circular motion.

Find it at bohemia-style.com