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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Product of the day: Trienelle Skincare Line

For the next month, Trienelle Skincare is offering a great discount on our Skin Health System--30% Savings!

Trienelle Skincare’s focus on bringing the benefits of high-potency vitamin E to the consumer extends back to 1996. By that time, multiple studies were confirming the heart-healthy benefits of the tocotrienol (TOKO–try–en–all) form of vitamin E. After helping popularize the use of tocotrienols into a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Wilkinson turned his attention to their impressive benefits for skin.

As scientific studies continued to expand knowledge of the unique benefits of tocotrienols for the skin, Wilkinson began the groundbreaking development of a new skincare line of products capturing those benefits. Trienelle was the first skincare line to incorporate high-potency vitamin E into a comprehensive anti-aging formulation. Introduced to the market in 2000, Trienelle has received wide praise from women’s health authorities for its effective incorporation of nutritional agents into a practical skin care regimen.

Website: http://www.trienelle.com